FM92 Most Music Mornings

6a – 10a, Weekday mornings.  The most music of any morning show, news n’ weather at the top & bottom of every hour, time n’ temp every few minutes to keep you on track.

Twofer Tuesdays

Just like it sounds – two from an artist in a row, all Tuesday, every Tuesday.

Saturday Night Blues

  • 10p, Nothing But the Blues (encore presentation from last Sunday night)
  • 11p, BluzNdaBlood Show (new episodes bi-weekly)

Sunday Morning Mind Exercises

  • 8a, This American Life
  • 9a, Classic Car Talk
  • 10a, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
  • 11a, Ask Me Another
  • 12p, All Songs Considered

Sunday Night Blues

  • 9p, Nothing But the Blues (encore presentation Saturday night at 10p)
  • 10p, Blues Therapy