Twofer Tuesdays

Just like it sounds – two from an artist in a row, all Tuesday, every Tuesday.

Sunday Morning Mind Exercises

  • 8a, This American Life
  • 9a, Classic Car Talk
  • 10a, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
  • 11a, Ask Me Another
  • 12p, All Songs Considered

Sunday Night Blues

  • 10p, The Roadhouse (encore presentation Saturday night at 11p)
  • 11p, An Hour of Blues

FM92 Flashes Back

12midnight, an hour every weeknight of classic tunes. And on Saturday night it’s two hours!

FM92 Morning Show

6a – 10a, Weekday mornings.  The most music of any morning show, news n’ weather at the bottom of every hour, time n’ temp every few minutes to keep you on time.  It ain’t four hours of a buncha fools yappin’, that’s for sure.