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since the airchain has remained stable (finally) we’ve been shifting our focus to the on-air product. fine tuning the music, updating what those in our biz call “the imaging” (it sounds a lot less like “Billy got a podcast mic” and more like “something professional got produced”.)

the music is getting tighter, too. oh, we’ll still have over 12k titles in our library, but the really, really obscure stuff might not make it to air unless requested.

keep listening and enjoy the improvements!

so a thing sorta happened…

seems we had some issues on the first day of hurricane season. now, it wasn’t a hurricane BUT it did knock us off the air for a few hours and for that we hang our heads in shame.

seems there were some Winders Updates that needed caught up and that last one, well, it just plumb broke the audio engine. if you were listening (we’re sorry…) you heard about five seconds of a song the awkward silence then five seconds of the next song – lather, rinse, repeat.

finally rolled back the offending Updates and engine power was restored.

as a long-overdue precaution, we’ve brought in some new hardware and will be transitioning to that over the coming days and weeks. you might here some oddities now and again – we’re humbled ahead of time.

we’re ba-a-a-a-a-a-ck…!

we’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that we’ve been on the air longer than the average commercial station holds onto a format.  that’s why it crushed us to remain off the air as long as we did during the flurry of moves we made in relocating to the warmer climes of the South.

CLE, we’ll always call you the Home of Rock-n-Roll and we had a fun 14 years saturating your airwaves and wreaking havoc upon those supposed “rock” stations (that have more sports and talk then music!)

but it’s come to our attention that Charleston, ol’ Chucktown, has a major void when it comes to rock of any kind.  a couple classic rock (weak) attempts and that’s pretty much it.  they need us here.

we happily came back online ever-so-loudly in the late evening of 11/08/2018 from our new digs. 

there’s a couple pieces of the puzzle yet to fall into place.  requests are down for a bit until we figure out some things with our ISP.  the now playing seems to have some delay to it – but the temp on that page is fine. 

we’ll figure it all out.  in the meantime, the important parts are back:  all.  the.  rock.

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