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listening live just got easier

oh, those coders. whilst secluded from the COVID-19 they’ve been heads-down on tweaking and tuning the website and, by golly, (“by golly”??!?) they’ve gone and made listening live a bit easier and much less clunky.

now you can listen with just a single click – no more opening a new tab in your browser and staring at an ugly vendor-driven page!

we thought you’d like it.

Uh oh.

Here we go again…

Seems Windows Updates have borked the audio engine. We’re working on it but that has effectively taken down both the OTA as well as streaming.

We’ll keep you posted!

dig deeper!

We’ve been tweaking behind the scenes to force more of the music library up into rotation more often. There’s a lot in there – you should be hearing it! Feel free to let us know if you hear something you haven’t heard in forever…

it’s back – our annual 12 days of Christmas!


We begin our annual 12 Days of Christmas this year on December 13th adding just a splash now and there, here and there of Christmas music into the playlist.

We know you’re sick of hearing non-stop Christmas music for months on end like some stations are playing.  So we give you just a musical nudge, nothing more.

This all culminates in our annual “Music to Open Gifts By”, six hours of non-stop Christmas tunes of all kinds from 6p to midnight Christmas Eve and again 6a to noon Christmas morning,

Dial us up and enjoy – and Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you this holiday season!

website improvements

We were told the complete rebuild of the website was going to be a ways off by the guys down in the marketing department (we have a marketing department?!)

Looks like their idea of a “ways off” wasn’t quite the same as ours.


Old-n-busted has officially been replaced by the New-hotness.  (sorry for the MIB reference… it seemed appropriate at the time.)
We’d love to hear your feedback.

Is it too much?

Not enough?

Who are we and why do we keep calling you here…?


new year new playlist? nah…

Uh oh, the staff was thinking again…  With the holidays behind us we decided to make some minor improvements to the playlist.  Relax, we’re still commercial-free and will always be but now we’ve merged the Indie Rock Show into the main playlist meaning you’ll hear it all the time rather than just on Saturday nights.  Because of this we’ve done away with the Saturday night version.


We’re thinking on some other things to tweak Cleveland’s commercial-free rock station – stay tuned!

Scooped the poop

Yeah, it’s nice when we can say things like “Buzzard Exclusive”…. how ’bout the new Foo Fighters album, the whole thing, in rotation.  Thought you’d like that.

Eat that, competition.  Oh.. wait… we have no competition!

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